Brought to you by Warwick Employment Group

About us

WEG21 is brought to you by Warwick Employment Group (WEG), the University of Warwick’s commercial department for recruitment and people orientated services. Our highly skilled workforce has been supporting the education sector for over 20 years through a network of specialist employment brands.

We aim to provide a long-term solution for colleges to enhance student employability, while opening up a new revenue stream.

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Warwick Employment Group

Beyond WEG21, Warwick Employment Group and its constituent brands provide executive search, recruitment advertising, staffing solutions and payroll services for the education sector, worldwide.

Since opening our doors in 1997, we have supported nearly 2,000 universities and 250 colleges through jobs.ac.uk, Unitemps, SearchHigher and college.jobs.ac.uk.

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“To provide worldwide employment opportunities for students, institutions and their staff, to maximise their potential in the workplace, by becoming the leading provider of recruitment services in education globally.”

Our group is developed through a quality, ethical, community approach, mirroring the aspirations of our academic partners, to fulfil a recruitment need for the education sector.

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